Peacock Rising

Peacock rising, brilliant blue,
naked star swimming and desiring,
aloof from muse’s shrieks,
nocturnal murder,
the elephantine, unclouded cries of
world’s drunken duet,
two masters scrying
life’s last tragic move,
or hypnagogic fit,
a perfect rueful, luminescent
scourge of painter’s pallet—
“My rigid, limpid hue used
last in world’s first colic cry—
that when wind from stars made
mass of empty matter,
one world among the others
rose darkly from the sunlit
dust in cold Satan’s space,
a watery, twinkling blue cruet,
the mason’s high mass,
deep drinking east-rising sun’s starry,
murderous stare,
and imaging now not death but life.”
Wings spread, a cry,
tail raised, salute high Metatron’s
bent head downstaring,
a wonder,
wings spread,
a call,
Peacock’s crying,
life’s end!

Thanks for checking out my poem.

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Gabriel Muoio



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