The Jangle of the Delbiyuns

Ayaa! The jangle of the delbiyuns star
The delence of the ulbian.
Yuting spardigly, yets a splillion spurs
Intrind—”Atone!” the stunned apluns sit
And yent achord; “Sem the stellic
Oportons, we drie insparingly, but while
Cors and licence muk the driven nintatruls
Asimple ents will enter!”
Cloyders mail derinkly, all the muntoon
Teffinkin sprig, enter wels and Regidine,
The rintrent dry defided.
“Awale awale!” dudons mel the sters and pons,
“Akilting spents asumber,” fending
Rums and duriruns, rembrin sums Asear.

Thanks for checking out my poem.

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Gabriel Muoio


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