A Day For Flags

Ashleigh motioned for James to stop. The flag waved, taken in a sudden gust and chimed against the flagpole. James made a small noise that might have signalled disappointment—disappointment in himself for failing this small, practiced task; disappointment at his unsuccessful entry into the adult’s world of symbols; things that meant other things we couldn’t see or change, things like the lowering of the flag, like  laying circles of flowers at the front of the school, like signing in red ink and black a big paper plaque in the hall—”Miss you forever”, “Never lose hope”, “Take me with you”.

Miss Eldritch wept at the playing of the school’s song, something no one had ever done, and all the younger children watched; gawked unashamedly as she trembled and caught her tears with a scrunched-up tissue.

Reaver High
We strive to try,
Try what must be done—
We lift our hats,
Salute The Cats!
The journey’s just begun!

Thanks for checking out my short story.

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Gabriel Muoio



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