The Ages, Part VIII

Lilith, lips wet with Sodom’s wine
and arms filled with apples of the same
sought discord among the tribes of God’s
man-son, the priest and Nazarene,
So imparting fictions penned for slaves and
imbeciles, but bound with deep magic
from her wand taught man to lie with man,
to seek and learn what serpent semilunar
abominations lie within, and for man devoted
to his body’s living matter, masturbation.
She concocted also algorithms
for sleepwalking men dying in dark and
uninhibited agony—to find their white
spirit’s unseeing dispersal among
stars once latent in life-giving
Godhood, now dead and cellular—
wives begetting wayless spores and
semi-human heathen children primed
for unending fire—God blasphemed and
sperm spent as sawman’s dust
in dark sombre aether’s rest.

Thanks for checking out my poem.

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Gabriel Muoio


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