Quickly, Lord Jesus

Quickly, Lord Jesus!
Cover me with your blood!
Give me your flesh to eat,
Sweet cure of sin, blood to drink,
Deep elixir for the damned!
Quickly, Lord Jesus!
Trembling hands disguise my horror,
My iniquity is here! The world is my
Cradle, my cot! I am a child of error,
A wicked slave to sin!
Quickly, Lord Jesus,
Give me your crucifixion fix-all,
My mind is addled with mesmeric
Music of Satan’s orchestra, the
Black Swan’s mystic call,
I am sinner perfect and entire,
I have no plea to make but Christ!
Deliver me now! Do not devote me
To abyssness, to the place of Saturn’s
Creatures; the bat, the adder, the owl;
I am nothing, hear my crying amid the
Drone and whistle of earth’s deep and
Empty tundra, the dead nadir of this,
Our only galaxy, hear me weeping
In the shadow of the Lord’s appearing;
Unspeakable splendour,
Unimaginable terror!
Devour me not in holy fire,
Take my righteous saviour in my stead,
Split the oil of indignation,
Wine of wrath-grapes, blinding, livid
Indignation, send your fury, God,
Your black and terrible destruction
On the sinless Nazarene,
Substitute and King—
I am a coward, the infant in its caul,
A Judas, a snake and
Antichrist as my enemies—
Spare me Christ my saviour,
Give me bread, your broken flesh,
Make me servant of your cause,
A Lot distressed at Sodom,
Stephen repeating holy truths
And dying with eyes open to the
Astral meeting place of God and
Man—reconciliation, King descending,
Christ come swiftly and forever!

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