The Ages, Part IX

The seas which bore the serpent grimly,
foaming blood and vitriol, sent up also
Asmodeus, tired from sleep and endless burning,
bastard of the Nephilim and scheming Jew
who at the will of Lilith, victrix of weak men
like Adam sought wholesale the end of
man’s genetic purity if not the end of the
Messiah’s line (God sent Melchizedek, blameless
by virtue of his virginity, his mystic hidenness,
having known not father nor mother, like Noah
impeccable by blood, name unnamable by demons,
ghouls who would control them), and so the
prince of demons smarting from the failed
foray into Christ’s business, that entrance
among the Israelites to save them, and the
human race (that secret making even Satan
weep) now on call to degenerate manness,
womanness, to spit upon the archetypes in
lusting, violent blasphemy as Lilith and he
were wont and renowned—“Now we make,”
called Amodeus to the Satanic ministers of man,
“a creature in our own image, Baphomet—in likeness
the man and woman both, who enlightened by
inward mysteries will overthrow gentle Abel,
break the stone circle, abode of Misery’s serpents,
and stand upon the seat of civility’s government,
spreading the unholy mantra of the hidden intellect
that unifies—unifies black with white, Christ with Belial,
truth with lies, light with dark ad infinitum—this our
secret formula brings down from where once we
stood in proud angelic hierarchy the upper planes
to the world of dreadful inconstancy—where atoms
swirl in tireless, fruitless search of singularity;
our genitals, the phallus obelus, the dome beget
infinite blasphemy, uniting under Babylon both
ruin of the pan’s precious families and their
dual identity, embodying of Godly breath—truth,
faith, perception—where once the
eternal way was inhale, exhale, and impregnation
by principle idem we will have asphyxiation—the end:
mutilation of the bodies, abortion of the babies,
lust—not monogamy—and homogeny, each man
an enemy equally, our adaequatio intellectus
et rei will be the equivalency of mind and lie directly
from the dragon’s mouth; behold Abaddon: new beauty,
and Christ the child trampled under endless waves of
sandalled, stinking feet—adieu to humanity,
we welcome animals into the congress of men,
bless us, curse us! Spit, fuck and cum! Lilith,
goddess of heaven’s highest realm, dismantle
Fatima, the final failsafe of chaos and behold
death inundating the living with undoable, Satanic
blackness, the inner curtain closing—our high priest
will invite pigs into the holy places that pisseth
against the walls! And as in the days of old
our giants mercurial and terrible will satisfy
the pining of the daughters of man, chaining them
to themselves less like dogs than walking wombs
for half-demons, Anakim, provoking God
to administer grave maledictions made for us,
the scrutiny of his own work—Lilith, workers of
the beast-man Antichrist, the orgy is upon us,
the travesty, the erasure of the rainbow! Amen!”

Thanks for checking out my poem.

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Gabriel Muoio


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