The Ages, Part X

Ariel, severed heads high as
a tower’s spire preceding him
in proud demonstration to his Lord
and King Jesus Christ of the harvest
reaped on earth—men dead for
transgressions too grisly to describe—
travailed to meet the demands of
several thousand men whose prayers
ascended with burnt offering aroma—
sacrifice of praise to Adonai—they were
praying for the swift and unequivocal
deliverance of children sold with Satan’s
scarlet gold—blood money, in blood sacrifice—
they were chained with bonds too strong
for mere angel’s swords to break, or for
Cherubim’s commands to undo—it was the
task of God’s mighty destroyer and annunciator
Gabriel to impede the unholy hoards of
fallen angels who at the serpent’s dispatch
were en route to disrupt the speaking of the
truth and lead astray the masses who might
otherwise stand in conscience and
call for blood and judgement—for the
bringing down of frauds, thieves, sodomites,
child sacrificers and sexual deviants
of other colours in earth’s, that is Satan’s
highest realms and institutions.

Thanks for checking out my poem.

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Gabriel Muoio


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