Lord, End My Life

Lord, end my life
Or let me live briefly as
A sacrifice, not milling
Round this vain parade,
Not as a vessel emitting
My own reflection;
Let me live as a man
In love with everyone,
Compassionate, devoted
To the wellbeing of others—
And a true worshipper of the
Only God, Jesus Christ of
Nazareth—saying and doing
All things for Your sake;
Please end my life,
Or teach me quickly how
To despair for other’s losses,
And love in toto my saviour,
Not line upon line but extremely
And sincerely, naked in mind,
Unwrapped and made empty
For your Holy Spirit’s anointing—
Complete possession, absorption,
Undoable devotion: end me,
Make me You instead, put my
Body on the cross and show
Me resurrection—true magic,
Scopeless splendour, servanthood,

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