I Am Unimportant

Lord, I am unimportant,
My meaning is hidden
within you; I ask, Gracious Father
that you take from me my attachment
to illusion, my ego and identity;
Make me a follower of Christ; his
auric, energetic imprint inside this
iridescent dream—the changing lights
and shadows projected down from
lake’s surface, sky’s domain—effecting
prayer’s terrible power on our secret
enemies. I surrender soul, self and
body to your will; I am only creature,
cautious not to repeat the Archangel
Lucifer’s error: “I am God, I am will itself,
I am light and truth and destiny!”
I am only clay, and your hands, Lord
will shape me if I am patient; bring my
seizing mind to silence, loss of selfness,
without doubt, despair and judgement,
give me Grace overflowing; compassion,
discernment, love, intelligence, stigmata
of solicitude: others wounds
and yours, mind touching marrow, true
communion, Godness, Christness—
Your will! Not mine, eternal God,
My goal and hope and undefeatable
deliverer, Christ almighty, Amen.

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