The Ages, Part XIII

Slow-witted Rome, naturally
suspicious of the complete
defeat of Satan, planned in his heart
to have his Judaism of the Gentiles,
wanting laws implicit in the code of life,
inside the frontal lobe—magistral centre
of all human value, our elevation,
uncompleted, ungraved ziggurat—
wanting legalism to be the helmsman of
a new order, and true to Judah immediately
set to crucifying the children of Yaweh,
true God, on account of the dictates learned
from Satanic sources—they washed,
forgetting souls respond to blood alone,
and in time, holding Christ in contempt bought,
found and bred spotless lambs of their own,
enjoyed their blood, their life, their fearful vigour—
some seeing Satan’s shuffling form inside
the cloisters sounded the alarm,
alas, receiving in their bodies
the marks of martyrdom. Others,
swayed by eyeful substanceless
vanities became in full measure what
they denied they were—hopeless
sinners; eating, drinking, revelling in Satan’s
relics and bloody festivals. Underground, screams
accompanied hymns of highest virtue sung
above, were triggers of arousal for the highest
men of Rome and popedom, who enjoin
the guiltless children to partake in their
magic rituals—at the centre is the Christ they
made in human form, the fish-god, a man
refashioned to play the fetish in their Sunday follies—
and Christ eternal, looking on, considering
the night of vengeance promised
by his Father calls his true children—those
of Zion, those who would and are willing to die
for “Grace through Faith alone”, which is
the righteousness required for eternal life—
to guide people to the side of light, where
osprey find no footing, and boldly speak
about the sins of Rome, slow-witted Rome.

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