A Spirit on Fire

I am a possession of the Almighty God,
the I AM that since the beginning
has been the objective standard of
goodness, rightness, love and truth.
I surrender my faculties, my mind, my
potential, my bodily abilities, my brain
and my circumstances to God to use
in his holy war against the forces of
evil and darkness. In the name of Jesus
Christ I resist Satan and the multitudes of
his army in the spirit realm and on earth—
I have committed my life to God’s use and
will not be persuaded to live for myself
or the world. I am not among those designed
as the scriptures say, for fire, taken by the
strong delusion, but I am an instrument
of the I AM for his ineffable work
on earth; my life is not important or worth
living besides the opportunities I am given
to achieving God’s purposes; loving my
fellow man, exhorting the miserable to hope,
speaking the truth at all times and living my
life quietly and peacefully. I ask the Holy Spirit
to turn my mind from depraved and self-serving
habits and thoughts, and embolden me to demand
and seek the higher spiritual gifts, jealously
desirous of the opportunity to do greater
and greater things for the sake of the Lord and
his ultimate glory. Tune my body, God, to be
a vessel for a spirit on fire, crucified daily to
the world, the world crucified to it—let
me live for you, Christ, Holy God,
as though there were no consequences,
ready and happy to leave friends
and family for your sake, to be left
penniless, homeless and obscure before
being lukewarm and spat out by you
on the day of judgement; let me all the more
tremble at the prospect of losing your salvation,
your standing in my place and being lost in
doctrines of demons—self-salvation,
heaven-by-merit and other forms of gross
self-reliance. Please guide me into deeper
forms of devotion to you: in the mind’s quiet
depending on you, waiting on you and reaching
out to you—help me above all to love the people
around me, who you created in your own image
and love as well: deliver me from the way of the
world, throw me into the deep, dangerous ocean
of unreserved commitment to you, Amen.

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