The Ages, Part XIV

“Haniel,” who is Lucifer, “with
his alternating forms throughout
the cosmos, in drinkless
want and delirious
chants beneath our winter’s
driving winds that abstract
science from the soul’s matter,
leave mathematical quodlibets—
jungly unspecific frames
on which one hangs one’s
encompassing frills and sundries
but no more or in essence
more substantial; we thank
sturm und drang, we thank
chaos of biology, and for us
we welcome praise directed
in fireful glaring zealor inward
at the resurrected ethic—Christ
power, Holy Ghost, our earthly—”
(and here they meant of course
“our heavenly”) “Father, creator
of such circumstances that would
allow just such polydomy, complexity
of thought and form existing
everywhere, our holy war, this
mesonic snakes and ladders,
and cause the hand-encupped
celebrating saved to swoon,
while some,” (Haniel’s victims)
“these naked throb with fever
secretly and like beauty after
light has ceded grasp the
elemental, changing clues
that left them there and exist
impervious to their culture’s
self-obstructed meters, yet
not in turn the animating mysteries
themselves, and looking inward
see self, see Venus, their guiding
light, hating instruction in religion
because wanting, like Satan himself,
all concept of objective truth
and beauty.”

Thanks for checking out my poem.

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Gabriel Muoio


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