The Ages, Part XVI

“We are apes and soundly we
throw our misfit children
at the sea, we worship
thine ugly rhythm, Baphomet,
it was the anthem of our
marauding madness,
and now we set our
eternal clocks to it,
in flames we eat the dust
reserved for us, serpent’s meat,
and are aware of the many
thousands wavering under
our unyielding hate,
our hod of vicious lies, our
asymmetric systems of equality,
our cruelty against the Christ ones—
this was our cross we laid on
others, we hated the world’s
natural order and wanted blood to
rush from stone, not water that would
sustain us—our fatal mania was
self-destruction, for it is the opposite of
Christ, destroyer of death itself—
we revelled in materiality, we
hated creation and all creaturedom,
we wanted sickness on our banners,
in our theatres, throughout the world—
we taught infants sex and to despise
the God-given order of things,
mixed the nations as at Babel
so that what was unrefined
defiled what had been built with stone
and precious sweat—we hated
quiet, commonality, the
festivals of saints,
because we hated goodness
and worshipped our selves—
our instruments were sex itself,
and people whom we played like violins—
their suffering, sweet notes upon the
esoteric scales—and
the screams of the innocent, which as
much to saints is wormwood
was to us as opiate: our orifices—
theirs—these were doorways into
self-enlightenment, into ‘Christ-
consciousness’, the inimitable
darkness of Lucifer’s light.”

Thanks for checking out my poem.

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Gabriel Muoio


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