God, Give Me Strength

Heavenly Father,
please enter into my heart;
please, my God, guide my
steps down the holy path
and let me not be prey to
the world’s error—
Father let me do what is
good and right and reject
what is perverse and evil.
Deliver me, Lord Jesus,
Christ God,
protector and redeemer,
from my lascivious desires
and from the temptations
of Lucifer, from the mirage
of Mammon and the pursuit
of self—please erase what
lies between you and me,
this fog—please humble
me and forgive me of my
many profanities and
egotisms. Crucify me, Christ
and prepare my body for
this living sacrifice—this
great fire, smoke signal,
permeating pain of blessing
on your mighty name, give me
strength, God, to be still and
receptive of your will—to love
my neighbour, to bless my enemies,
to be peaceful and unassuming—
not the whirlwind inheriting
blasphemy, outrage and
unrighteous indignation—let me
listen to the low whisper, the
thin silence and be obedient.
Close my mouth, Oh Lord, and
compel me to sing and speak only
what you will, and not what
pleases me. Christ come quickly and
deliver me; make us all your
bride and blessing—I submit to you and
plead your mercy, your grace and
guidance. God, give me strength,

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