Lord, Lift Me

Father, from your holy mountain
the crimson river flows;
I drink the blood of grace,
deathless victory, timeless
immortal meadow where
our bodies go to meet, our eternal
eclipseless light, gift of ecstasy,
our ever-downward stooping God,
make haste and lift me to you, I
am immured in setting clay of
sin yet you rescue me! our strong ship’s
master, speak and this your servant
hears, I am entering ego death—my
late resurrection, sinless estate—
Christ your will, your higher heavenly
plane, your stairs ascend to bliss
and stillness of the inner man, my home,
your Kingdom come! Enter and abide, my
Lord; my enemy is near, I need your
prayer and guidance—indelible benediction,
infallible hedge of protection—God
gropingly, through mist of man’s design I go;
receive me, please, in unending paradise—
the end of agony, ignorance and aggression!

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