Thank You

God, I thank you that the enemy
has lost. Thank you, Father for
the patience that you have with
me and the continual grace you
extend in forgiving me of my sins.
Thank you, Father for not demanding
of me the fulfilment of your just and
perfect law, but accepting your son’s
life of lawfulness in my stead—
considering his stripes, his quiet
and crucifixion the payment of
my debt. I am too weak and too
desirous of what is evil to truly please
a perfect God—I thank you, Father
that you see me perfected by the
blood of Christ, and accept and
love me as I am now. Thank you,
Father nonetheless for correcting
me and guiding me into truth and peace
and humility—thank you for showing me the
example of your son to imitate. Jesus,
please help me to be like you are, having
mercy on the lost and degenerate, as you
had mercy on me, and having patience with
those who malign and threaten me,
as you calmly considered your own accusers,
knowing that God is the last justifier of man.
Deliver me, please, Lord from my waywardness
and my tendency to be immoderate, please
control me and put in my heart what is good
and pleasing to you. I thank you, Father, for
the judgement of the world that is coming,
and praise you for your perfect will and schedule.
I give up my will to you, Abba—see my
outstretched arms, my posture of submission,
my fervour for perfect works in your Kingdom.

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