God Bless the United States of America

God bless the United States of America:
God deliver your people from what is
backward, perverse and immoral—please,
Father expose the lies of those who profit
from war, chaos and degeneracy; please
captain the vessel on the windy sea of
Galilee, shroud our brothers in your
resurrection robes; give them guidance
and wisdom to know good from evil;
please bring our enemies—all Satanists,
practicing pedophiles, slanderers of the
Church, occultists, ritual abusers, usurers,
profit preachers, war mongers, money lovers,
hypocrites, brainwashers, predators and
child abductors to justice under your uniting
cross, and give peace to your suffering servants,
those who call upon the name of God; Jesus
Christ of Nazareth, the risen and returning Lord,


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