The Tide, Part X

These unholy man-like animals and
others boasted linguistic and logical
powers for the spreading of a mind-
virus whose locus was despair and
concepts of eternity and infinite
matter as self-solving, self-invalidating
quodlibets, not the bread-and-butter
of a mighty God-creator, and all the
material universe as a pseudosphere
reaching singularity, re-expansion,
our own horrors and blind cosmic
gropings reasserting themselves as
some abstract god-king in their own
right. Also natural to them was the
diluting of truth and obfuscation of
simple things like unmerited favour—
forgiveness outside of the law, which they
misconstrued by various means and
resurrected through their chosen
prophets as law again, the law of love
and will—“We are, we are, we are.” As
before, they wanted Babel, and as before
they from their respective corners came
and farmed what produce they in dark
and disabused hearts somewhere
believed was good—in their cynical
spirits is chaos, disquiet, insufferable
strangeness and perversion and an
intolerance to light, which is of the
kingdom they disavow. In their houses
are the collected secrets of the eleven
dimensions, and the instruments with
which to express and interpret them,
because their god is knowledge, Sophia,
yet their perspective is untethered, their
free-floating forms having neither
direction nor locality—they want, we
discovered—our kind of selfness, our
I-ness which is like the Almighty’s and
which eludes and frustrates them. They
know their time in intermittently
embodied nowness, their going up and
down on earth is limited, that our Lord
and theirs will loose the great Destroyers,
who lust for justice and will purify the
cosmos, all the millions of miles of it
with what man only dares to imagine—
some final thing like fire—we will go
back, back, back to the beginning like
grown men to our childhood tree houses,
we will enter rest, sinlessness, freedom
from our persecutors, we will inherit
perfect righteousness, freedom from our
folly, our eyes will be forever open and
our minds will understand the truth—
besides our bliss among the created
things which we will enjoy with
uncorrupted bodies, we will be in awe of
the eternal light, the light of the first and
everlasting being, our kinsman redeemer
Christ—our inner heart’s desire.

Thanks for checking out my poem.

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Gabriel Muoio


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