Relieve Me, Heavenly Father

Please relieve me, heavenly Father;
I am pouring out myself in worry
for the world, I am at once enamoured
and enraged by it—I will be your willing
prisoner if you take me; embrace me,
Lord, my fire is for you, and my life,
yours too, Father! Let me remember that
this won’t last; as you intervened in Babel,
so too will you now darken the earth with
your avenging army, selah! the snakes’
heads will be severed from their bodies—
this morning storm must submit to you;
hell’s spring, the universal water window,
and your sons stand to attention, God,
the blood obscures what things we were:
let your glory blind us to the seducing,
spiritless prizes of the world, we want
your Saints’ reward—take me wholesale,
turn me into Christ’s abiding afterimage.
Let me love, Father, Gentile, Jew and judge
not the man, but name evil when I see it
the way the Saviour did, God give me
guidance, and renew me, this daily
exorcism of my demons, not that I might
be free from sin before my resurrection but
diligently, daily seeking you in sackcloth,
with ashes on my head, saying, “Lord Jesus,
son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner!”

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