Your Judgement, Jesus

My redeemer and my God!
Give praise to the Lord,
the Lion of Judah, Jesus Christ—
return, Messiah
and institute your rule,
discipline your people and
execute your will—this planet
is yours forever, your enemies
are in chains—return, rabbi,
with your cherubs and angels,
your seraphs and destroyers,
wreak vengeance on blasphemers,
pagans and pedophiles, judge
the demon worshippers and
unrepentant deviants, all those
who pervert your truth and
exalt the world over its Creator,
throw into the lake of fire
those persecutors of Christians,
bring your will, Lord, your great
fiery retribution on Satan’s children,
and spare us, your Church, by your
blood, your grace, your power,
our faith in you, Amen!

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