The Sounds, the Silence

there are, of course,
too many sounds.
the cacophony was our
misunderstanding of the
multiplicity of spirits—they swam
initially in the cosmic radiation,
but we swam literally through
water, as water, and living, and
forgetting our gaseous, invisible minds—
now they seek to cross into atomhood
and we into substanceless wandering—
too small to see, yes too many, too many,
and all emitting noise, voices, though
visceral, like shrieks, not sensible words—
silence is required—the silence of
an unfathomably large rebeginning—
our gardens full and serene again,
we will be neighbours of the spirits
we despised, who were both our
punishers and our disciplinarians,
enemies of our enemies, and they
sing not scream, hallelujah!

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Gabriel Muoio


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