In Sorrow’s Gown (Our Mother’s Sorrow)

                     wives   kiss
               and   adore   sailor  husbands

   yet our mother watches the    green   red   bloodstone sun
                                      husbandless   house
                        the art of lifelike allegory
our mother dreamt feverishly of maim and bloodsport
                      now       brink
          unutterable           blasphemy
    linear now our spoken paths
                health offends  in the     age   of  grace
   answerer          great God!       in your quartz  cosmic palace
                answer our prayers
       remedy our scarlet     preadolescent     sins!
             abort          what plans   we had

                 we   chant
                   and nobody answers
    anoint   our    adventuring   into

         death’s    anaemic      anatomy
               in     sorrow’s    gown

Thanks for checking out my poem.

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Gabriel Muoio


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