The Tide, Part XII

And what grey parliament was this—
we, as one now and God-fearing
stood watching a dark cloud descend—
their eyes like live embers, they preceded
an army of litigators with the same
daunting aspect of pure dispassion.
We were told what to say at the exact
hour of our final trial before returning
to the beach, and we had in our hearts
what our ordeals had made real to us—
“Praise to the Lord, the Almighty, the
king of creation!” and above all to
the overbearing magistrates who
stood before podiums of human
bones and scowled with what looked
like an unyielding skepticism of love,
we professed at the earliest opportunity—
“God owes us nothing, and yet has
saved us; we are sinners and do not deny
but confess our sin: we knew the law and
strove to fulfil it, but failed on most counts,
often with mean-spirited awareness, when
we were slaves to our selves and bodies,
but we are righteous, for we have faith
in Christ who fulfilled the law, and the
law now to us, though perfect, though
shown futile to a sinner species, still
condemns the evil to pay back their debt
and so is enshrined in our hearts as
something spotless and sacrosanct—
we merely plead that we not be considered
as defendants—we have one God and
representative, and we though sinners
are vessels of His perfect grace; yes, we
are filled with sin and overshadowed with
the power of His love and magnanimity.
Do with our body as you please,
for our soul belongs to God.”

Thanks for checking out my poem.

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Gabriel Muoio


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