Parousia (Being Present)

You have seen the end
and contemplated all things,
you are the origin of wisdom
and light.
First and eternally existing—
you are sole, ultimate reality
and the inventor of time
and all matter.
The greatest ever atrocity,
and salvation for all mankind—
the depth of your grace
and love for us.
Your arrival, redemption—
unimaginable fare and turmoil,
the trumpets and drums,
judgement of sin.
Unchangeable, unmatchable,
unbeatable, immortal, unassailable,
immovable, ascended, transcendant,
flawless, sinless.
Always needing your grace and mercy,
mortal, contingent, rebellious,
destructive, delinquent,
small, benighted and fading.

Have mercy on me, your servant, Lord.

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