Down is up by virtue of the fact
that down can also be the property of
a thing below down.

Black is white in terms of its being a
synecdoche for the essential expression of
a binary.

Small is big depending on one’s relation
spatially to that which is small (big).

Male is female given that there is no such thing
as gender to begin with.

Hot is cold considering the behavior of atoms
in a vacuum, ceteris paribus.

Nothing is something, because nothing cannot
produce something.

Good is evil, because “good” is a construct
produced from evil, which is not good.

Not is, not is not, is is not is, is not not is.

Satan is God, the eternal light-bearer and
deifier of humanity.

Slavery is freedom, absolute freedom from
self-agency and conflict with the ego.

Lust is love, the complete giving of oneself to

Zero is infinity, containing in itself the entirety
of the mathematical landscape.

Dissimilar is similar, as differences dissolve at a
quantum level.

Death is life—life being the embodying of the
ultimate and terminal expression of a living
(dead) thing.

Thanks for checking out my poem.

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Gabriel Muoio


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