When We Were Water

Water roved the earth before we
began, its ancient instrumentals were
the first things that were clear—though
no one spoke, it listened, and decided
things, about us, and about who we were,
and where we were to be. In us was
water, and in water was us,
when we were striving to be bodied;
it was who we were growing up to be—
self-active, self-observing, infinitely
divisible. Fire forced us into scrutiny
of the broader stage on which we had
been placed—because we had an enemy,
and he devoured, and he was able to take
life and turn what was fertile and pregnant
into empty space. We are moving now
into that deep black hole—our hearts
are dry and ready to be burned—burn
dark fire, burn infinite storm, burn black
and useless hearts, burn!

Thanks for checking out my poem.

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Gabriel Muoio


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