I Am Not Afraid

Forgive me, Father, a sinner—
I thank you, Lord, that you
always forgive me and never
withhold your love from me—
I am undeserving of your grace,
I am in your deep meadow with
the angels—I am not afraid, Dad,
the destroyer has passed by my
door—I am a possession of yours
forever. Please bring me closer
to you and stop my mind from
becoming captive to the world and
the occult—take darkness
from my heart and put in
the things that please you—
patience, fidelity, self-inspection,
and purity above all, Lord.
Send away, Holy Spirit, according to
your grace what enemies lie in wait
for me, or strengthen me, please, to
deny the flesh—make me an implement
only for your righteous works, and I
will strive to rest on the mercy you
have promised. I await the end of sin
in your eternal presence, God, and
on earth what purity you build in me,
for your purposes and pleasure, amen.

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