A Demon and an Angel, Part II

D:    Does he not have a mouth to speak? Are you intervening on his behalf?

A:    I intervene on behalf of everything decent, I command you to shut your mouth and obey!

D:    You’ve answered sufficiently, it’s you, not he who wants me gone, and that makes two against one.

A:    “Two against one,” you ignorant worm, I count nothing but what my sovereign Lord desires, and He is three!

D:    My being one does not discount my being triune, quaternion, or legion…you’re thinking about it aren’t you?

A:    I’m marvelling at your disobedience, and for it you’ll ingest the scroll, you’ll go the way of Zimri, you’ll be thrown into the lake of fire!

D:    That may be so, time will tell, but the time is now, and now I’m enjoying my palace—

A:    Your squatter’s grounds, your grossly appropriated property. He loathes you and your legalism! He wants a house swept clean and put in order, not a worm-eaten midden such as you have made for him. I command you to tell me your name immediately!

I:    My name is Iudex, the judge.

A:    There is but one judge…

I:    And what is yours?

G:    Geminus, one of the two who rescued Lot, who announced Isaac to Sarah before it was so.

Thanks for checking out my poem.

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Gabriel Muoio


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