Beyond the Storm

Before dawn there was a reaching pall of
blue like loneliness, or the cold space between
an unclothed embrace that frightened me—
beyond the storm the world was calm again
and mute, antwings lifted undirected, weightless,
filled what gentle wind there was with strange
and faerie business, in my dream we occupied
our small and seagoing canoe, afloat with
bold and obvious sentiments about each other—
I have moments of inexpressible sadness, and
buoy myself with subdued tears, I had felt the
perils of love’s dark waves, the constancy of fate,
I was involved, mind-in-mind, with loveliness,
with grace, with what the final darkness sees
as evil sleeps, or passes across the infinite meridian
and departs gently in saecula saeculorum, unto
the ages of ages—my Christ please keep her, and
anoint her with a soft way through the painted veil,
or the waves that beat, the next great storm.

Thanks for checking out my poem.

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Gabriel Muoio


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