Stuff Like Water

Particles! not even the moon’s eye
must see them, big as it is—but
I do! How they teem and threaten!
I want water without them! I want
a draught of something like the
clouds drink when they are thirsty.

This is water from the Sanctuary of
Lourdes, in France.

That explains the particles. It comes
from a cave.

Would water wept from the very eyes
of Mary be better for you?

My body knows what it wants!

Your body is killing me. Our whole
reality is made of particles—

That’s not true, our reality is not.

Then what is it made of?

Of stuff like water, though not this water—
yech! What a bite it has…if I weren’t thirsty
I’d throw it in your face!

Many people have been healed that way,
it’s claimed. You were talking about reality.

How have you not cottoned on by now?

Ignorance? What is purer than water
and holds space-time together?

It’s feelings and mind that are behind
everything. Everything. One has to
start thinking in teleological terms
to understand.
There is no chance. We are not
products of the things around us,
they are products of us.


Work backwards through time,
as well as forwards. I’m not
talking about achieving your inane goals,
I’m talking about escaping the ego trap.
Give yourself to others.
Or fold in on yourself,
and meet the other side of reality.

Eternal dark. Is that a water, too?

It’s water like fire. Pure and free of
particles. We are not one, we are
other—precisely what makes altruism
worth doing.

Well I’ll find your water.

I’ll let you have a sip.

Thanks for checking out my poem.

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Gabriel Muoio


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