Fire From the Hill

                     from the
              sad plateau Lot watched to see that
            housefly’s honey runs upwards
           lords of abaddon
           their scoundrel’s dance ends with smoke
             the vulgar taste of sodom
            those gorged on death now
             glow beyond the travelled hill
          bodyshaped ashen pillars of salt
           revolving vortex
             high heaven
         bright visiting mysteries that
           descend in cloaks to
             veil gargantuan heads
         broad unchanging eyes
         and unnamed cortical gland
           presaging disasters such as this
            solemnly administer last rites
            dying dogs and pigs their carcasses
       whose souls we savour
        God’s forgotten creature
         your own apocalypse is here

     and Lot watched believing in this
    spectacle is my rotting heart
       my sooty unseeing eye
    I am death above all and
      partaker in the forbidden mysteries
I’ll make graves of hearts and remember
     these floating stars
        judgement find me too
          vile sinner is me
        the fleshsmoke of my ancestors tempts me
     violet wings of sun
        no saviour here nor consolation
           and moon wept dark and hollow
      no word or voice from thee
         yet I recall the burning babies—
            O bright Shekinah’s fury
         the little children on the pyre
             they were sacrificed for our good luck and
          passing comforts
           curse this, here,
             this soul sack
                house of Satan!
             and he watched a menagerie of
              unclothed alien spirits advancing up the
             smoke stairway, escaping death but screaming
              all the same
             my god remember me!

Thanks for checking out my poem.

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Gabriel Muoio


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