The Cross

The cross contains within it,
as a symbol, everything pertaining
to Christ and God, as it is the symbol of
love, the centre of divinity. The spirit of
love is self-sacrifice, like
setting aside cosmic kingship for a life of
poverty and disgrace, like
refusing to rule from a palace in place of
living amongst the lowest sinners and
blessing their sores with bare hands—
he was God incarnate, and the prince of
all the cosmos, yet he mixed
tears with his wine
in order to be amongst his special creation, and
sympathise with their weaknesses.
Self-sacrifice ends finally with the perfect,
mortal demonstration of it—sacrifice in deed,
and nailed to a cross one’s arms are surrendered,
open, as are the hands, and one is nude with
nothing to hide behind—the body becomes all and
anyone’s to do with as they please, it is theirs,
and nothing is withheld. The stark and open
attitude of Christ crucified also fears no invasion,
fears no contempt, fears no debate, fears no
temptation, fears no deception—at that point
all is finished, and there ceases to be any utterance
or thought that might draw one closer or push one
further from God—you are in him and he is in you.
There is
no God besides Jesus Christ, and there is
no other name by which one is saved—
let the whole world be wrong before
God is a liar. We thank you, God, for this
sacrifice—for putting yourself in the form
of flesh for our sake, and suffering our
gross and profane society, our failings,
our wounds and illnesses, that we might
name and hear and know a man like us,
though perfect, though divine, though an
eternal high priest and saviour who understands
and sympathises with us beyond our hopes, amen.

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