Justice. Wicked men and women will drink the cup of the wrath of God. For those under the law, all transgressions of the law will be brought to light. Blood ransom will be demanded.

Empathy. He entered our world in human form to experience sadness, deprivation, coldness, hotness, hunger, sexual temptation, physical agony, loss, scorn, disappointment, abandonment. He is able to sympathise with our weaknesses.

Sympathy. He held the hands of lepers and society’s trash, and wept for their pain. He preferred to be amongst people who needed his help than among the wealthy and elite. He wept for his friend Lazarus when he died, and his cousin John when he was murdered. Many were healed of their infirmities.

Ultimate. Maximally good, maximally loving, maximally wise, maximally gracious, maximally powerful, maximally holy.

Saviour. Men wandered lost for generations, hoping to live to see a way of being reconciled to God. God, loving his children and contemplating their smallness, provided a way from the beginning of time to simultaneously rescue those who loved him and uphold justice—the judgement of wrongdoing. Those who seize upon the blood of the Christ will have their debt paid in full and be made perfectly, flawlessly clean. They will experience God’s special blessings forever.

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