Exploding Head Syndrome

No, not petty noise! A real noise that
I heard just now—
When you were fast asleep.
I may have been but it woke me up,
that such strange…that big thud.
It was your brain waking you up,
it happens to some people, like
a big cymbal crash.
Where are they? I want them to
go away!
There are no people.
There was…I felt…coming and
going, inside and outside…
Fear has many voices.
Who is it that keeps me at night’s
door, and stops me saying what I
want to say, is it the man with the
cymbal? He waits until I’m asleep and
steals my words…one day maybe I won’t…
He will always dwell there, always
just outside, and you, when the
unremembering part of you has
had enough, will
always wake.

Thanks for checking out my poem.

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Gabriel Muoio


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