Ream, Three

He could hear her pottering around now outside somewhere, tending to the garden, and hated her, he didn't know why. Maybe he envied her. She existed in a bubble, here in the house, and that was what he wanted for himself. Not because he enjoyed being insular but because he found that it was his [...]

Dalia, Ten

Dalia played with her fingers as her father twisted a spill of newspaper, held it to the coals and with it lit another cigarette. “Gee I had a weird dream, Dad.” “Oh yeah?” he said between puffs. He opened the stove door and threw the newspaper in, watching it ignite and flare. “Go to bed [...]

The Passage

“That's very interesting.” John rubbed at a spot on the wall where Rachel had said, in a dream so vivid she had mistook it for reality, she had crawled through a little doorway into a cavity. It bothered him—he had the sense that there must be something there, that is that there should be something [...]

Jude In-Between

Entering the entertainment hall, Jude found no one. There was no sound, though he thought there had been. It was easy to manufacture things on the ship; sounds of films, sounds of footsteps, movement, smells of foreign things. He had talked to Brad recently about the irony of travelling thirty million miles and seeing nothing [...]

Foot Magic

“Shoes. Shoes for all occasions.” Bertrand wasn't looking at shoes; he was looking at feet. They stood bodiless and strange, without their regular vascularity, life or colour though with the unnerving, lingering sense of some kinetic potentiality—there was invisible movement in the upright, blue-brilliant-fridge-light way in which they rested; a threat of something miraculous, as [...]