O’Hare’s Letter

George Crook would often take a tour of Darbishire when he was in trouble. He would get the slip, they would never time it, and he would be free for a good half hour to stroll around the old school before eventually ending up at headmaster O'Hare's. He had several excuses for why he was [...]

Clark’s Day

“Attention!” Clark had stood and was now attempting to sound a skewer from a shish kebab against his wine glass. In a motion entirely automatic Rosalyn reached to take his cardigan to pull him down, as though he were jumping out into traffic, but caught herself and instead smiled in the same determined, attractive way [...]

The Juggler

“If there ever were such a thing, she would have it.” Regina paused to look at her work. The shape of the mouth was coming along, but only gradually. She had hoped that by rounding out her lips, by thinking about the shape of an O, or the sound of an O coming from the [...]