A Place Where Things Join, Ten

“Hey, sleepy, what are you doing up so late?” said Kel as Marian shuffled drowsily into the kitchen. “What are you doing!” Oliver echoed, pointing a chocolaty spoon at her. They were playing cards together. Several empty beers decorated the dining table. “I should ask you the same question,” she said to Oliver, picking him [...]

The Good Prospector

“The living room,” said Yuki, proud, but in his very human and contemplative manner, smiling passively. Evelyn clapped across the pristine granite floors in her little sandals. “Look, Dad, look at this! Look!” she screamed. She had found a paint brush on the coffee table amid newspaper. “Yes,” said Yuki as a young woman, his [...]

The Wheat Fields

The scurry of something in the walls is the only sound Harriet hears. Monica has gone to bed upstairs and Errol hasn't come back after all these hours from the long drive into town. Now the sun bleeds a deep visceral red and brown into the horizon over the wheat fields. “Talk to me,” Harriet [...]

Ezra’s Driving

“You'll take my grey hairs down to Sheol.” It was something her grandfather always said to the family, particularly to her grandmother. He was driving, but drove too fast for Grandma Rosaline. He drove a little too slow for Samantha. “You'll take my grey hairs down to Sheol!” He gesticulated as he drove, and it [...]