A Place Where Things Join, Seven

“Come here, you goose,” said Kel, reaching blindly behind him to grab a hunk of pale, bare leg beneath her dress. “I have no idea what her photos are like, you would have as much an idea as me.” Marian brought round her leg, resting her thighs on his shoulders. She squeezed gently and watched [...]

A Place Where Things Join, Six

“They weren't there,” said Kelly, lighting a cigarette. “Well wait a minute,” Marian said, catching his arm as he swayed through into the living room, “what do you mean they weren't there?” “The flight was cancelled. The airline said we have to wait for confirmation.” “Confirmation of what? What does that mean? Are they going [...]

A Place Where Things Join, Five

The tinkly outro to a soap opera played in Marian's head as she woke. The television was off but it was around that time. Keys jangled at the door and she suddenly whipped off her rug, tidying her hair, her dress as she hurried to the latch. “Hey!” she greeted enthusiastically as she opened the [...]

A Place Where Things Join, Four

“Your heavenly reward,” said a voice in Marian's dream, though the pronouncement had no conclusion, it was only a sound like a gong that prefaced another scene in which she was driving with Kelly. The seaside air buffeting her face was sharp and real, had a personality as though it were speaking; its breath was [...]

A Place Where Things Join, Three

Kelly's place at the table is large and well defined—the children know where it begins and where it ends, as does Marian, as do their guests. There are smooth, reflective patches in the wood at each place his large forearms rest that Oliver likes to feel with his hand when Daddy isn't home—likes to put [...]

A Place Where Things Join, Two

At the heartline, love is expressed in its personal form. Passion can bend and flex. Love shatters under the wrong touch, or else breaks in pieces the thing that touches it. On some level, not expressed in words, or by thoughts meted out by syllables and sounds, Marian is contemplating this as she makes love [...]

A Place Where Things Join

“At least a litre in milk has gone to that man,” said Samuel, leaning over. He pointed at the passenger frowning at the passing water. Imogen knew already; she had been tracking everyone's odd flight habits with keen interest; even those without habits she had kept tabs on, as though their normalcy were red flags [...]