Whale Watching

“We live on an island!” Mary shouted into the phone. John could hear his mother-in-law's cooing, mock-interested voice on the other line, “Oh, that's nice isn't it? It must be nice living on an island!” John made his way down the porch steps carefully, feeling the strain on his ACL, that threat of it starting [...]

Dalia, Five

“Down Uncle!” Chuck shouted, his affectedly masculine voice breaking, “piss off!” Holding his rifle high above his head with one hand he kicked at the dog and it yelped, taking off into the snowy trees. “Hey!” yelled Momma from the closed kitchen window, loud enough that he turned, “don't do that! What say I kick [...]

The Spectators

The campus was empty as far as Mona could see. There was something eerie about the emptiness. The flag chimed incessantly against the flagpole in the chill and she wanted to capture that somehow, but didn't know where her 'in' was. She took a few preliminary photographs, just warming up. A man sat on a [...]

Dalia, Four

Dalia held her hand up as though for silence. She imagined that instead of a basement she was in the general assembly hall of the UN, calling all nations to silence before she gave the final word on an issue of earth-shattering importance. The dry pop-pop-pop of Chuck's guns outside, in the backyard punctuated the [...]

Dalia Gets Corned Beef Again

Dalia waited for Miranda to get her food. She watched the flow of children, the colours. In her dreams last night they had been outside her window, looking in, and she couldn't move. The bright blue eyes haunted her—they looked like insects. The whole world was saying—about the lights, not the insect things she knew [...]