The Visit

“There he is,” the guard, Terrence, said, “that's your Daddy.” Terrence had known Mick for three years, and had seen great changes in him in that short time. Bev was coming around to him too, so much so that she had decided to bring Evelyn. The girl was bright, inquisitive, bold. Bev was a brash [...]

Jude In-Between

Entering the entertainment hall, Jude found no one. There was no sound, though he thought there had been. It was easy to manufacture things on the ship; sounds of films, sounds of footsteps, movement, smells of foreign things. He had talked to Brad recently about the irony of travelling thirty million miles and seeing nothing [...]

The Train and the Sailboat

“Those flashes, those twinkles,” Uncle Wardell explained, pausing to sip his coffee. He thought about it, gently shaking a finger at the night sky beyond his telescope. The sound of the old train starting up, slowing down, Boyd didn't know, wailed in the distance and made him scared. “How do I put this,” said his [...]

Whale Watching

“We live on an island!” Mary shouted into the phone. John could hear his mother-in-law's cooing, mock-interested voice on the other line, “Oh, that's nice isn't it? It must be nice living on an island!” John made his way down the porch steps carefully, feeling the strain on his ACL, that threat of it starting [...]

Maxi Amassing Reds

“I can hear them, Dad,” Maxi said, holding her head and frowning under the pressure of a growing cacophony. In her mind was a crowd of men speaking loudly and boldly—she tried to pick up the sounds, the statements, and uttering them created a salad of words, like “space hole domain wrench stiles flew summer [...]

The Iguana

Lucy paused at the base of the stairs. She had heard her mother call. “Don't,” said Jacob. “She's not there.” Jacob's pet iguana had escaped, and they were looking for it. “It might be up there,” said Lucy, gazing up, then back at Jacob, down the hall. “He's not, he can't climb the stairs, it's [...]