The Iguana

Lucy paused at the base of the stairs. She had heard her mother call. “Don't,” said Jacob. “She's not there.” Jacob's pet iguana had escaped, and they were looking for it. “It might be up there,” said Lucy, gazing up, then back at Jacob, down the hall. “He's not, he can't climb the stairs, it's [...]

Inside the Signal Box

“The most recent example of this has been, I'm sure we can all agree, the most exciting.” Liza watched her father from outside the conference room. There were echoes of his mannerisms and facial expressions in her, Judy noticed. She seemed to follow him around very subtly when she was observing him, and when her [...]

Dalia and the Jellyfish

The tide washed between Dalia's thighs, receded, bubbled and fizzed as it was dragged back out to the blue ocean. From the deck her uncle watched—he was entertaining guests from work. On the soft grey shore clear blobs of jellyfish sat happy and inert. At first the children had been throwing them back into the [...]