The Visit

“There he is,” the guard, Terrence, said, “that's your Daddy.” Terrence had known Mick for three years, and had seen great changes in him in that short time. Bev was coming around to him too, so much so that she had decided to bring Evelyn. The girl was bright, inquisitive, bold. Bev was a brash [...]

I See You in the Mirror

Rueben liked their new house. He couldn't wait to tell all his friends at school about it—it had tiled floors, high ceilings, new-looking kitchen benches, two bathrooms, two car ports. The rooms looked so big with hardly anything in them; he paced around with his little sister, who poked her nose into the boxes, calling [...]

Dalia, Ten

Dalia played with her fingers as her father twisted a spill of newspaper, held it to the coals and with it lit another cigarette. “Gee I had a weird dream, Dad.” “Oh yeah?” he said between puffs. He opened the stove door and threw the newspaper in, watching it ignite and flare. “Go to bed [...]

Dalia, Nine

“Why does it look startled like that?” “Animals open their eyes wide like that when they need to be alert, when they need to be extra sure of all their surroundings. The owl does it too. It's not startled but it is careful, it wants to make sure it sees everything, and it does. The [...]

Dalia, Eight

Outside in the dark her father was standing, beer in hand, looking into the trees. His work pants were dusted white, his work boots thick with snow and dirt. Dalia wanted to rush forward, hug him anywhere she could get purchase and jump up into his arms but instead she watched him breathing blue mist [...]