The Folds

From their seats the two girls stared back at Dennis in the way that the instructor would sometimes stare at the dummy grenades they used in training when he was a recruit—with a certain restrained expectation that they might explode. And indeed he was a grenade, though decommissioned now and filled, instead of adrenaline, with [...]

The Jig

Crofton would watch his girlfriend dance. And dance she did, at every opportunity, and without the restraint with which she spoke and behaved—a very nimble, articulate kind of jig she said her mother had shown her, and her mother before her. At the barn dances she drew attention when, as the music stopped and people, [...]


Miranda's grandfather thought the world of her. She had been the first person the hospital had called when he was admitted. It had been snowing, a constant wind wrapped around the city like a coil, changing things, energising things, sending normal people mad. Christmas felt unreal. Miranda had just left in a hurry to the [...]

Dalia and the Jellyfish

The tide washed between Dalia's thighs, receded, bubbled and fizzed as it was dragged back out to the blue ocean. From the deck her uncle watched—he was entertaining guests from work. On the soft grey shore clear blobs of jellyfish sat happy and inert. At first the children had been throwing them back into the [...]

The Book of Three

Kathy was attracted to triangles. She thought about them, saw them everywhere as she worked. They were in the cuts on the cutlery she polished; the fries left on dirty plates; the napkins; in girl's hair clips, the inadvertent strokes in paintings and posters across the way, in the airport gift shop. Triangles, unlike circles [...]