The Faces of Things, Two

“Daniel!” Wendy called. She came outside and stared up at the roof, expecting to see her son there, then cast her eyes around the paddock, disoriented. So many days had gone by with such little sleep, the hours were melding. She went back inside and checked the clock. “Relax, Wendy,” she reassured herself, heading back [...]

The Faces of Things

Nobody wanted to do the dishes. Wendy and her guests lounged at the dining table, talking, privately enjoying the mess they had made and the bottles they had emptied. Keith had brought gifts for the children in a cardboard box, more things, John had said, that they could have wrapped and put under the tree [...]

Grandpa’s Place

There was nothing in the hallway. And Jasmine felt on the edge of herself somehow, extraordinarily sharp. Several times that night she had been woken by her grandmother's dog barking outside, and she felt in the near pitch black the margins of her wakeness, of the room's thereness raise several octaves; the ambient light, the [...]


Miranda's grandfather thought the world of her. She had been the first person the hospital had called when he was admitted. It had been snowing, a constant wind wrapped around the city like a coil, changing things, energising things, sending normal people mad. Christmas felt unreal. Miranda had just left in a hurry to the [...]

The Meetup

Faith was told to wear her mask; that was going to be how he recognised her. It was also his fetish. She felt embarrassed but instead of trying somehow to blend in or minimise her presence she role-played as someone genuinely enjoying wearing a goat mask in a busy cafe. People who entered gave amused [...]