Grandpa’s Place

There was nothing in the hallway. And Jasmine felt on the edge of herself somehow, extraordinarily sharp. Several times that night she had been woken by her grandmother's dog barking outside, and she felt in the near pitch black the margins of her wakeness, of the room's thereness raise several octaves; the ambient light, the [...]


Miranda's grandfather thought the world of her. She had been the first person the hospital had called when he was admitted. It had been snowing, a constant wind wrapped around the city like a coil, changing things, energising things, sending normal people mad. Christmas felt unreal. Miranda had just left in a hurry to the [...]

The Iguana

Lucy paused at the base of the stairs. She had heard her mother call. “Don't,” said Jacob. “She's not there.” Jacob's pet iguana had escaped, and they were looking for it. “It might be up there,” said Lucy, gazing up, then back at Jacob, down the hall. “He's not, he can't climb the stairs, it's [...]

Inside the Signal Box

“The most recent example of this has been, I'm sure we can all agree, the most exciting.” Liza watched her father from outside the conference room. There were echoes of his mannerisms and facial expressions in her, Judy noticed. She seemed to follow him around very subtly when she was observing him, and when her [...]

The Hoaxer

Goddard waited in the field for Mr Andrews, who had gone to get his camera. The area before which Goddard stood was not like the rest of Mr Andrew's pasture: it was brittle, grey and dead. Something, Mr Andrews said, had landed there. A visiting journalist had done a story on Mr Andrews because he [...]