John’s Field

“This will all be gone by the morning.” The voice was very similar to last time. John stood up in his field, the wet soil clinging to his jeans, cool in the palm of his hand. There was tenseness in his body; it was rigid, though he wasn’t afraid exactly. He felt territorial again, ready [...]

Kayla and The Ghost Crabs

“Here, take my jacket,” said Newton. Kayla sat motionless on the sand and said nothing. The crabs, too many to count, too small and delicate to fear scurried in a great sheet, a strange, rustling fabric across the tideless flat, which naked now glistened, rippled beneath the wind, moved in such a strange way by [...]

The Orca

“The waves will never cease,” she thought. The mountains, distant, not distant, somewhere reachable in her dreams, if she were dreaming—one step, a soaring, arcing, wonderful thing she did night after night, were blue. And the water passing beneath the ferry was blue and foaming white, sending back, sending back to where it spread itself [...]