Hoping For Snow

Grant's dad had been fourteen years old for the past three weeks. Today was the anniversary of his remission, though he was demented, not able to understand where he was or why he was important to the people who visited day-to-day, week to week. Many of the children were hoping for pneumonia, and it seemed [...]

Jude In-Between

Entering the entertainment hall, Jude found no one. There was no sound, though he thought there had been. It was easy to manufacture things on the ship; sounds of films, sounds of footsteps, movement, smells of foreign things. He had talked to Brad recently about the irony of travelling thirty million miles and seeing nothing [...]

Whale Watching

“We live on an island!” Mary shouted into the phone. John could hear his mother-in-law's cooing, mock-interested voice on the other line, “Oh, that's nice isn't it? It must be nice living on an island!” John made his way down the porch steps carefully, feeling the strain on his ACL, that threat of it starting [...]