Tammy, Five

“Politically motivated,” her father said. “They’re not looking for anything, they just want to keep up with the Soviets.” “They’re not looking for anything? But it’s so big, Dad, I’ll bet you could find a lot out there, anything that’s out there I’ll bet you could pick it up.” “Nope,” her father said, and handed [...]

Tammy, Four

“Come, he hath hid himself among these trees, to be consorted with the humorous night;” Mr Feigenbaum replied measuredly, the revolutions of his foot keeping rhythm, “blind is his love and best befits the dark.” “If love be blind, love cannot hit the mark. Now will he sit under a medlar tree, and wish his [...]

Tammy, Three

Mr Feigenbaum was known as Mr Faggotbum at Gradston High. That was because he wore a scarf and crossed his legs, and knew more about poetry and plays than the librarians, the teachers, and certainly any of the children's own parents. Mr Feigenbaum had a wife and three children though, all grown up. He had [...]