Tammy, Four

“Come, he hath hid himself among these trees, to be consorted with the humorous night;” Mr Feigenbaum replied measuredly, the revolutions of his foot keeping rhythm, “blind is his love and best befits the dark.” “If love be blind, love cannot hit the mark. Now will he sit under a medlar tree, and wish his [...]

Tammy, Three

Mr Feigenbaum was known as Mr Faggotbum at Gradston High. That was because he wore a scarf and crossed his legs, and knew more about poetry and plays than the librarians, the teachers, and certainly any of the children's own parents. Mr Feigenbaum had a wife and three children though, all grown up. One of [...]

The Folds

From their seats the two girls stared back at Dennis in the way that the instructor would sometimes stare at the dummy grenades they used in training when he was a recruit—with a certain restrained expectation that they might explode. And indeed he was a grenade, though decommissioned now and filled, instead of adrenaline, with [...]

Dalia Gets Corned Beef Again

Dalia waited for Miranda to get her food. She watched the flow of children, the colours. In her dreams last night they had been outside her window, looking in, and she couldn't move. The bright blue eyes haunted her—they looked like insects. The whole world was saying—about the lights, not the insect things she knew [...]

Alessa’s Smile

Mandy's father waited at the gate for her. They had had improv, she had done okay but embarrassed herself toward the end when Alessa had, as usual, managed to roll neatly into the new scenario prompted by the teacher's cue card, and she had been left behind—whatever she had been doing, door knocking for the [...]

A Day For Flags

Ashleigh motioned for James to stop. The flag waved, taken in a sudden gust and chimed against the flagpole. James made a small noise that might have signalled disappointment—disappointment in himself for failing this small, practiced task; disappointment at his unsuccessful entry into the adult's world of symbols; things that meant other things we couldn't [...]