I See You in the Mirror

Rueben liked their new house. He couldn't wait to tell all his friends at school about it—it had tiled floors, high ceilings, new-looking kitchen benches, two bathrooms, two car ports. The rooms looked so big with hardly anything in them; he paced around with his little sister, who poked her nose into the boxes, calling [...]

The Passage

“That's very interesting.” John rubbed at a spot on the wall where Rachel had said, in a dream so vivid she had mistook it for reality, she had crawled through a little doorway into a cavity. It bothered him—he had the sense that there must be something there, that is that there should be something [...]

Ego Makes the Brain Soft

“These are art supplies,” he said to himself, lightly handling the items on the shelf. He looked around him for some help. The party would have been over by now, but the errand felt to him now like something he was trying to accomplish for his own satisfaction. He checked his watch. It was nine [...]

In the Broken Rock

“Move them the other way!” Jackie cried out. “Not that way, they'll fall on top of you.” The rocks they had placed outside their grandfather's workshop, piled up in his shelves, they now were removing, though not all. The two children had petitioned Aunty Jackie to keep. as though tools, some rocks that pleased them [...]

Boy Singeing a Bat’s Wings

“Uncomfortable is where I want you to be, Malik.” His father's counsellor was now his own. He felt closer to his father in the presence of the man who knew his secrets than face to face with the actual man. “You needn't be afraid,” he said, “your heart will always keep beating.” Malik lowered his [...]

The Spectators

The campus was empty as far as Mona could see. There was something eerie about the emptiness. The flag chimed incessantly against the flagpole in the chill and she wanted to capture that somehow, but didn't know where her 'in' was. She took a few preliminary photographs, just warming up. A man sat on a [...]


Miranda's grandfather thought the world of her. She had been the first person the hospital had called when he was admitted. It had been snowing, a constant wind wrapped around the city like a coil, changing things, energising things, sending normal people mad. Christmas felt unreal. Miranda had just left in a hurry to the [...]