The Folds

From their seats the two girls stared back at Dennis in the way that the instructor would sometimes stare at the dummy grenades they used in training when he was a recruit—with a certain restrained expectation that they might explode. And indeed he was a grenade, though decommissioned now and filled, instead of adrenaline, with [...]

The Passage

“That's very interesting.” John rubbed at a spot on the wall where Rachel had said, in a dream so vivid she had mistook it for reality, she had crawled through a little doorway into a cavity. It bothered him—he had the sense that there must be something there, that is that there should be something [...]

The Spectators

The campus was empty as far as Mona could see. There was something eerie about the emptiness. The flag chimed incessantly against the flagpole in the chill and she wanted to capture that somehow, but didn't know where her 'in' was. She took a few preliminary photographs, just warming up. A man sat on a [...]